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Pressure Cleaner

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  • MaterialCast Iron & Aluminum
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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Pressure Cleaner
Product ID : LN-60
Material:Cast Iron & Aluminum
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Pressure cleaner for outdoor projects that require high-power cleaning. Nothing works faster or more effectively than a professional pressure cleaner when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning projects.
Description :
Power Sprayer specially designed for spraying on orchards and hilly terrain. Discharge distance 6 km in level ground and 400 m in slope of hillside. Also suitable for spraying disinfectant or spraying chemical for preventing the blight from plants. 
Pressure washers develop 700 PSI pressure and give free discharge of 50lpm at 800 rpm for spraying. Besides, Pressure Sprayers develop 280 PSI pressure and give free discharge of 80lpm at 1200 rpm for irrigation purpose. 
Power Sprayers can be used with 300m high pressure hoses and spray pumps such as 3Hp-4Hp motor or 6PS-8PS gasoline engine. 
Suitable for variety of spray guns and supplied with fixed stand which can fasten sprayer or sprayer pump.
Features :
Cast Iron series characteristic:Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for high corrosive pesticide use. 
Plunger:SST plungers with special surface treatment for extra hardness, smoothness and resistance to wear and corrosion. 
Inlet and outlet chambers:Spheroidal-graphite cast iron manifold with special treatment for corrosion resistance. 
Crank:Burnish process of the surface between the crank and the pull rod for lubricity and wear-resistance. 
Case:The case is made of sturdy, durable aluminum alloy. 
Give pressure relief automatically, Save energy
Application :
Ideal for spraying on rice, tea, cotton, gardening plants and other agricultural plants 
Provide water to crops in dry areas
Water Transport: 
Water supply of construction site 
Farmland irrigating, hillside water carriage and yard spraying
Capable of pumping liquids up to 3 km over flat ground or 400 m at a 60 degree incline
Car, motorcycle and air-cooler cleaning 
Power Spraying: 
As a fire-fighting machine 
Cooling-down system of greenhouse 
Pressure test of new installed pipes inside a building
Disinfectant Spraying: 
Used for spraying chemical disinfectant for sanitary applications
Specification :
PISTON DIA x NO. 33.5mm x 3
R.P.M 1200 800
PRESSURE (Kgf/cm2) 20 50
PRESSURE (psi) 280 700
VOLUME (L/min) 80 50
MOTOR (HP) 3Hp-4Hp
LxWxH (cm) 44.8cmx31.2cmx47cm
Approval / Certification :

Attachment :
1pc Pulley、1pc Suction pipe(8m)、1pc Return pipe(8m)、1pc Filter、1 set Triangular Hydraulic Seal、1 set Valve
Show Buyers your Ability to Supply :
Production Capacity:100 unit/ Month 
Delivery Time:50 Days
Payment and Shipping Terms :
Min. Order Quantity:1 Sets 
FOB Price:By order quantity 
Payment Terms:L/C、T/T ( the quantities are under 200 sets by T/T) 
Shipping Terms:Ocean Shipping 
Packaging Details: 
Attachment:1pc 10 inch B2 diameter Pulley、1pc Suction pipe(8m)、1pc Return pipe(8m)、1pc Filter、1 set Triangular Hydraulic Seal、1 set Valve
Dimension of Carton:44.8cm×31.2cm×47cm




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